One Goal, One Mission

My Biography

Hello, my name is Jaymi.

I've been told that I seize the moment while remaining down to earth and that I am the type of person that has a friend's back, and I never back down. I fight to the finish to defend someone I care about.

My friends would say that I am fun, nice, amazingly kind, easy to talk to, very interesting, really friendly, unique, laid back, easy-going, a dedicated friend and creative.

I played baseball when I was younger and I like to play other sports, but that's not all. I am also a kid at heart, a daydreamer, I'm always in my own world and since I was able to walk, I've been caring for animals, which I learnt from my grandfather. He would nurse a sick animal back to health and to thank him, they never left his side. In his basement, he had 3 generations of canaries, my brother and I ended up naming them after characters from a video game. And to keep us busy, he had us race to the fence and back to see who was the fastest.

I can remember something from 15+ years ago. I can remember names, dates, years, and numbers. Random facts is my speciality. 

I've had 4 dogs in my life, having up to 3 dogs at a time, but my childhood dog, Kasey is always going to be my favourite. She was the first pet I ever had and she's always going to be my princess. I also had numerous fish, a few birds, a guinea pig, 2 rabbits and for about a day, a garden snake that my neighbour found in his yard.

The one subject that I always loved to learn about is the paranormal. No matter how much I know, I'm always searching to learn more and expand my knowledge about what the paranormal is about and what it really means. There is no right or wrong answer. I am always looking for books and websites. I don't know how I became fascinated about the subject, but I always enjoyed talking about it with other people and hearing what they have to say and hear their stories.

As of right now, I have 5 tattoos. Each of them means something. The first one I got was when I was in grade 11. 3 out of the 5 tattoos are because of my love for California. and the last one is for my love of theatre.

I love to write. The best way for me to write a story is when I know the characters. Once I get to know their backgrounds and know who they really are as a person, its easy for me to create new storylines for them. I like writing stories that would happen if the characters showed their true colors. Stories that you wouldn't see happen in everyday life.

Something I've always remembered from theatre, your character has a life before the scene starts and a life after the scene has ended.

The reason I chose the people I did for my Dream Team is because they are the people I have respected and admired for years. They either overcame a personal tragedy or they began their career at a young age and they have shown that with hard work and the ability to follow your dreams, you can be whatever you want. They never gave up to be where they are and their going to keep working hard to show that if you put your mind into it, you can do the things you want to.