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Posted on March 27, 2016 at 4:20 AM

Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys has seen very dark times in his life. Being the oldest of three boys, he outlived both of them by the he was 55 and he spent years under the supervision of a psychotherapist who used methods that brought Brian into a darker state of mind. He would over-medicate him and put the singer under 24 hour care, no matter where he went there was always someone with him. He had complete control over the Beach Boy and it took years for the guy to lose his licence and for Brian to get the actual help that he needed. He went as far as not letting Brian see his daughters. He hadn’t seen his brother, Carl for quite some time.


It started in the 1960s at the height of the Beach Boys’ career. After suffering a panic attack on a plane. He stopped touring and focused more on writing and spending time in the studio. What seemed like a bizarre way of writing songs, it was what Brian heard in his head. He would bring in cellos, violins and other various instruments that wouldn’t fit into the Beach Boy genre of music. The other members would grow tired of how much time Brian would spend on one part of a song. He wanted to bring the songs he heard in his head to come to life.


By that time, there were drugs and that didn’t help with the mental issues that Brian already had, the drugs made them stronger. The drugs helped his creativity, but they also made him paranoid. He would hear voices and hallucinated. On top of that, his father, Murry was the band’s manager and he would not treat his sons well. He hit Brian so hard with a 2 by 4 that he lost hearing in his right ear. Lots of stories of abuse from Murry were always surfacing. In 1969, Murry sold the rights to the songs that the Beach Boys wrote without the band’s knowledge or consent. I think growing up in a rough household was the start of Brian’s mental decline.


In the 1970s, Brian spend a number of years in a severe depressive state, he didn’t live his bed, gained weight, weighing over 300 pounds, used drugs, started drinking, overeating. He didn’t get out of bed until the psycho therapist came into his life. Sure, he was able to help Brian to a certain point, but he was controlling. He dominated Brian’s life.


Eventually in 1992, the family take Dr. Crazy to court and won. He was banned from contacting Brian. He died in 2006. Brian got the proper help that he needed and got better. He began touring and doing what he does best. I wish people don’t get treated that way Brian Wilson was.


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