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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Posted on June 1, 2016 at 12:15 AM

I don’t believe that Johnny did what Amber Heard claimed he did. I think she’s just looking for her time in the limelight. I never heard of her until she hooked up with Johnny. She’s looking to create a name for herself and she was using Johnny to do that. She even went as far as claiming she was abused/assaulted just to get screen time on every entertainment show.

I never met Johnny, but I do believe that he would never go as far as hit a woman out of rage or because he was drunk or high on drugs. He’s known to be one of the nicest people and that would have been out of character for him. His daughter and a few people from his past have come to his defense and said he never raised his voice or raised his hand to anyone.

Amber Heard was seen partying after she reported the abuse and there was not a scratch or bruise on her. She was seen laughing with a friend as she was leaving the courthouse. The timing could have been better. Johnny’s mom passed away a couple days before she filed for divorce and then a couple days after that she got a restraining order and filed the assault charge.

If she was really in that much trouble then she would have came out sooner about the assault and not wait till after the divorce has been filed to come forward and why wait till a year and a half of marriage to actually say something. Amber Heard is looking for fame and she will go too far to get it. Why ruin someone’s career just to start your own?

Good job, Amber. You got what you wanted. People are talking about you and everyone knows who you are.

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