What would you say to the person who inspires you? What would you do to let them know how much they mean to you? This blog is my way of letting the actors and musicians that I've respected and admired for years that no matter where we go or who we become, I will always be inspired by them in every way possible.


I want to be able to thank them for being who they are and to keep doing what they love to do. I want to let them know that no matter how big or small something is, it will create an impact on someone and inspire them do good in the world. 

The meaning about "One Goal, One Mission". Its my mission to meet my dream team and in doing that, its my goal to write a blog in hopes that it will one day land in the hands of those on my dream team and let them know how much I respect and admire them. I want to able to thank them for the impact they have on me.  


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