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Who Killed Superman | HOLLYWOOD UNSOLVED

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Murder or suicide, you be the judge.

George Reeves was found dead on June 16, 1959 from a gunshot wound to the head. Police said it was suicide, but some believe it was murder. George Keefer Brewer was born on January 5, 1914, the only child of Helen Lescher and Don Brewer. After the marriage failed, his mother got re-married after making the move to California. George took the name of his stepfather, “Bessolo” who adopted him as his own. Years later, his mother told her son that his stepfather had committed suicide, but he later learnt when he got into adult hood that the man he called dad was still alive.

When George got a contract with Warner Brothers, he started to use the professional name of “Reeves.” The name appeared in the credits of “Gone With The Wind” in which he had a minor part in.

He had a few more roles in B pictures, but over time, his contract was terminated. He was also dropped from 20th Century Fox. George then freelanced in a few low budget films before getting a part in 1943’s “So Proudly We Hail.” It was a blockbuster hit at Paramount. That same year he was drafted and assigned to the US Army Air Forces, performing in “Winged History.” Later he was transferred to the Army Air Forces’ first motion pictures making training/recruiting films. Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable and De Forest Kelly did the same.

Even after the war, he was still acting in B movies, radio and television. His luck would change in 1951 when George was offered the part of Superman, the role that would both define him and make him a star. He took his role model status very seriously. He didn’t smoke in public and he eventually quit.

Despite how he came across on screen, George had a darker side. He was known to be a womanizer. He was always breaking the hearts of many actresses. He would have affairs with women who were married to film executives and other actors. It is to be believed that one of these affairs lead to his death.

George had a open relationship with Toni Mannix who was 8 years his senior. She was an ex-showgirl and was married to MGM’s general manager, Eddie Mannix. They often would go out drinking and they were seen in the company of some shady people. Eddie was said to have ties to the mob.

In 1958, George broke up with Toni. It followed with harassment and death threats. He later announced his engagement to Leonore Lemmon. She was well liked, but was wild and a society playgirl.

The 3 months before his death, George was in 3 car accidents that almost killed him. The first accident, he car was nearly crushed by two trucks. The second accident was caused by a speeding car, but due to his quick reflexes, he came out of it alive and the third one, George’s brakes failed. On inspection, the brake fluid was gone from the hydraulic system even when a mechanic found that the car was perfect and there was nothing wrong with it.

A month later, he was receiving death threats even when his number was unlisted. He was getting up to 20 or more calls a day, mostly late at night. Whoever called would hang up as soon as George answered and he knew that it was the same person. He was nervous due to the car accidents so he filed a complaint with the L.A District Attorney’s Office and a report with the Beverly Hills police department. He claimed that it was Toni Mannix. He never said why he thought it was Toni. She was also receiving threats and prank calls even when their relationship wasn’t a public one. People thought it was Toni’s husband, Eddie Mannix.

There are different theories on what happened on the night that George died. No matter how you look at it. There were witnesses claiming various things and telling different stories.

Theory #1

Around 6:30pm on June 15, 1959, Lenore Lemmon had made dinner for George and Robert Condon who was a writer. They settled into the living room after dinner to watch some TV. Everyone went to bed sometime after midnight.

Around 1am, there was a bang on the door. George had a unspoken rule there were no guests allowed after 12am. The knock was loud enough to wake up Lenore. She let Carol Von Ronkel and William Bliss who were friends with the couple. George appeared in his bathrobe and yelled at the guests for showing up so late. He made himself a drink and went back upstairs. A few minutes later, a gun shot was heard.

Theory #2

George and Lenore were drinking with friends. Reeves claimed he was tired and went upstairs, only to never came back down. A shot from a 30 calibre Luger were heard. The police weren’t called for 45 minutes. One theory was because Lenore wanted everyone to sober up before they contacted the police so they could get their stories straight.

Another theory was that he just left the room without a explanation and just impulsively committed suicide.

According to George’s will, he left everything to Toni Mannix. He fiancee was never mentioned.

  • He had an volatile relationship with both women.
  • After the affair with Mannix ended, she was known to stalk George.

 Evidence was either found on George or in the bedroom were he was found:

  • There wasn’t any finger prints on the gun.
  • There were no powder marks on the wound, indicting that the shot was fired inches away from the head. Suicide victims would hold the gun directly against the head.
  • His hands were not tested for gunpowder residue.
  • Bruises were found on his body.
  • The gun was at his feet. Depending on how the gun was fired, it could either be at his feet if he was standing or sitting or it would be next to the head if they were laying down. Since George was laying down on the bed, the gun was at his feet. The shell was found under his body. His head was twisted so it would have been unpossible for him to commit suicide.
  • There were bullets found all over the room. Two were found in the floor, one bullet was lodged in the wall of the downstairs living room wall. Lenore claimed that it was due to an argument and she fired the gun. Only one round of bullets was missing from the gun.
  • The gun normally was loaded with blanks, but there was a bullet inside of the gun.
  • Someone could have sneak into the house and left unnoticed, but how did they get past the guests that were already downstairs.

There were claims/assumptions that George was depressed over the cancellation of Superman or that he was unhappy with being “type casted” and not being able to get any roles due to being Superman, but he was got out of this depression just before his death and people said that this was the first time he’s been happy in years. He was excited about his upcoming marriage, he was going to do another season for the show which was rescheduled for the following season and he wasn’t having any financial problems due to getting residuals from Superman re-runs. He also signed with Paramount Pictures for a 5 picture deal.

George’s death was never investigated properly. Police never took fingerprints from the scene and it was believed they were pressured into having a “open and shut” case. In 1961, Reeves was exhumed and cremated and because of it, the evidence is forever lost due to it being destroyed.

His mother never believed that her son would commit suicide. She hired a detective and delayed the cremation, but there wasn’t any new evidence. George Reeves is laid to rest in Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum in Altadena, California.


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This one actually takes place in Australia, but its a very interesting case that remains unsolved.

The Somerton man was an unidentified man that was found dead on December 1, 1948 just south of Adelaide, Australia. He was known as Tamam Shud/Somerton Man because there was a scrap of paper found in the man’s pants that had a Persian phrase “Tamam Shud” meaning “ended” or “finished” printed on it. The scrap was from Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam which was written by a 12th century poet, Omar Khayyam. The man was well-built, clean shaven, and found nicely dressed in a suit and tie. He had no real belongings on him, no identification, and the tags on his clothes had been removed.

The book in which the scrap was torn from was eventually located. Listed on the back cover was a local telephone number, another unidentified number and a test that resembles an encrypted messages. The authorities weren’t satisfied with the ways that the message was being deciphered or interpreted. The phone number lead to a young nurse, but she denies ever knowing the man, but once she saw the plaster bust of the man, she was taken a back. Giving authorities the hint that she knew more then she was leading on. She did give someone a copy of said book to man in 1944, but the man was not the dead man. He was very much alive and living in Maroubra.

The nurse passed away in 2005 and her daughter claims that her mother had known the somerton man, but never told the police the truth. She spoke Russian and may have been involved in some spy related activities.

The case attracted international attention as the South Australian Police were in contact with their connection overseas hoping that it would help them identify of the man. His picture and finger prints were circulated internationally, but with no luck. The FBI in the United States were unable to match the man’s fingerprints taken from domestic criminals. Scotland Yard also helped with the case, but couldn’t offer any insights.

New evidence as come to light. There’s been a possible ID of the Somerton man, as H.C Reynolds. There is ongoing DNA analysis of hair roots found on a plaster bust.

In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

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In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.


We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die.

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

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Halloween Traditions From Around The World

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Many cultures have different ways to celebrate Halloween. It may not be the same way we celebrate in North America, but they take the time to honour those who are no longer with us. Some countries may not dress up and go trick or treating, but its not always about how much candy you get, but the way they respect the afterlife. Some celebrations can last for days even weeks. They want to make sure that wherever their loved ones are, they are aware that they are missed and thought of often.

Here are 5 celebrations that are from around the world.

Dia De Los Muertos - Mexico

Also known as the “Day Of The Dead”. Celebrated on November 1 and 2. It is to honour those who have passed away. It is to believe that starting at midnight on October 31 for 24 hours, the souls of children come thru the gates of heaven and be reunited with their families and on November 2, the souls of adults come and join the festivities. There are in-home alters filled with all types of food and drinks and a special bread called “pan de muerto” also known as the bread of the dead; which is an offering for the ghosts. The souls of the children are left with toys and candy and the adults are left with cigarettes and shots of mezcal.

Day Of Dracula - Romania

Every year at the infamous Bran castle, the home of Vlad the Impaler, people from all around the world gather and celebrate halloween, but its known that the castle was never Vlad’s. There’s been a debate over if he was ever seen at the castle. Along with the halloween celebration, there are tours and parties at the castle.

Dzien Zaduszny - Poland

Its the equivalent to All Saints Day. People visit the graves of their loved ones that have passed on. Prayers are offered to the departed relatives and the holiday is celebrated with candles and flowers. The next day, people attend mass for the souls of the dead.

Ognissanti - Italy

All though All Saints Day is a national holiday in Italy, Ognissanti begins a couple days before on October 30. People will go to the cemetery and place flowers, usually chrysanthemums of the graves of loved ones. Making the cemeteries look like a field of colour. Red candles are also placed in the window at sunset and an extra place is set at the table in hopes that the spirits will pay a visit.

All Saints Day/All Souls Day - World Wide

All Saints Day is on November 1 and is celebrated by Catholics all over the world. All Souls Day is held on November 2 and its to honour the lives of the saints who died for their beliefs. People also honour the souls of the family members that have passed. They will go to mass and visit the graves of their loved ones.

No matter where you are in the world, I hope you can take the time to think about the ones you lost and know that they are looking over you. Celebrate them and honour them. They may not be here, but they are always around. You can't see them, but you can feel them. 

Real Life Haunted Locations and Houses

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It seems like every town as a haunted house with a mysterious and tragic past. Some of them are more active then others, but that doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. The deeper the history goes, the more alive it really is. Let’s travel back in time and learn about some of the most haunted places that you should visit this halloween season or any other time of the year.

Villisca Axe Murder House

I’ve wrote anpther blog post about this house where I go into more detail about what happened, but to give you the short version of it. Here is a little history. In June of 1912, eight people were killed in their sleep with an axe. The murderer was never found. There was a few suspects, but none of them were officially charged. It still remains unsolved 107 years after it happened. We may never know why it happened or who did it.

Eastern State Penitentiary

There are a few cellblocks that are known to be haunted. There’s been echoing voices, cackling, shadow figures and ghostly faces. There have been reports of a silhouette of a guard in the guard tower. Footsteps, wails and whispering. A man name Gary Johnson was opening a old lock to one the cells when he was gripped so tight, he wasn’t able to move. He said that it was a negative and horrible energy that exploded out the cell. Faces appeared to him on the walls and one of them beckoned to him. The list goes go.

Winchester Mystery House

A woman believed that the spirits that were killed by her family’s gun, the Winchester rifle were after her. She was told to built a house to confuse the spirits, but she must keep building and never stop. Sarah Winchester was the widow of William Wirt Winchester who was the magnate of the Winchester firearm. There was 161 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms, 47 fireplaces, 10,000 panes for glass, 17 chimneys, 2 basements and 3 elevators. The house once stood on 162 acres, but since then its on 4.5 acres. When the 1906 earthquake hit and it damaged the top three stories and damaging the other four stories with it, Sarah took that as a sign that the house was too close to completion and ordered to have the unfinished part of thehouse to be boarded up.

Gettysburg Battlefield

The battle of Gettysburg took place between July 1-3, 1863. 22,000 soldiers were wounded and more the 50,000 were killed and remained on the battlefield. Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address at the dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery. The cemetery was completed in March of 1864 with the last of the 3,315 union solders being re-buried. There’s been evidence of apparitions of soldiers walking around the battlefield not knowing that the war is over. They could be looking for their comrades or assuming that their still fighting a war that’s been already fought. Gettysburg is one of the bloodiest in American history.

The Queen Mary

What can I say about the Queen Mary. She was used in World War 2, but she’s been permanently docked in Long Beach, California. Stateroom B340 is the most haunted room on the ship. Other things that have been known to happen or have been seen are children by the 1st class pool, the lady in white and the engineer who died in the ship’s engine room. There’s been knocks and other unexplained noises, like voices. With the ship’s history of being a war ship, the soldiers who boarded the ship could still be lingering. You may make a new friend who happened to have died more then 75 years ago.

Myrtles Plantation

The plantation is located outside of Baton Rouge and just north of West New Orleans. There have been reports of Chloe, a slave who haunted the property. She was hung after she poisoned  her owner’s wife and kids. Her spirit still remains even after 100+ years after her death. In 1992, Chloe was caught on film when the owner of the property took a picture for insurance reasons. It wasn’t until years later when the picture was used for a postcard when she was noticed standing in the shadows. The owner claims there was nobody in that spot when the photo was taken.

The Stanley Hotel

The hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining. There have been reports of in the infamous room 217 (the room that King stayed in) of things moving, lights being turned off and on and the luggage being unpacked. The head housekeeper “Mrs Wilson” who was injured in the room in 1911 is old fashioned and doesn’t like un-married couples sleeping together so there’s been reports of a feeling of a cool force coming between the couples as they sleep. The concert hall is a popular spot in the hotel. There’s been reports of “Get Out” being heard as there was once a 11pm hotel curfew. The hauntings is a mile long. I can go on and go about the hotel.


I feel like I can go into more depth about these haunted locations. If you ever been to these locations and want to share your experiences, please let me know. I know people want to hear what you have to say and share your stories if you think these places are haunted or if they are just a normal place with the word “haunted” attached to it to make it more appealing.

Haunted Things To Do In Vancouver

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If you live driving distance to Vancouver and your looking for something to do for Halloween, here are some things to do for bring out your halloween spirit. Even if you can’t make it out this year. At least you can plan a trip for the future and enjoy what Vancouver has to offer during Halloween.

Fright Nights at the P.N.E

The P.N.E also known as Playland is a amusement park that opens every summer from May to the end of September, but they do Fright Nights for the halloween season. They have various types of haunted houses that are scattered all over the park. Every year that change to give you a different scare every year.

To check out this year’s attractions and haunted houses. Visit:

Pumpkin Patch at the Richmond Country Farms

There’s of course there's a pumpkin patch, a wagon ride, entertainment and more. Its what you see in the movies. There’s corn stalks and sunflowers even a duck pond.

For more information:

Stanley Park Ghost Train

This year’s theme is Alice in Nightmareland. Take a trip with Alice through a nightmare of “tombs and tombstones, crypts, and catacombs.” Your ticket gets you on the train and one other attraction on site.


All aboard:

Vancouver Haunted Trolley Tours

If you have 2 and a half hours to spare then enjoy a tour and learn about the true crimes and events that took place in Vancouver’s most famous neighbourhoods. You will take a walk through Mountain View Cemetery to pay respects to the people who were mentioned on the tour.

Feel free to get on board. Who knows who’ll your meet:

I hope that these inspire you take a trip to come visit. Not everyone is a fan of haunted things, but its worth looking into, just in case you want to do a little bit of travelling. Its not halloween unless you do sometime halloween related.

4 Haunted Houses To Visit

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Visiting haunted houses is a halloween tradition. People travel for miles to go thru some of the scariest attractions. Some of them are done really well and some are done like a bunch of high schoolers put it together the day it was due. A lot of the time, people would spend the entire year planning and creating their haunted attractions. It takes countless hours and a lot of money to make something that happens only for a few days in October. I know its worth the hard work and the reactions from the people who travel from all over to attend.

Here is 4 haunted houses and attractions that you should check out if you are in the area or doing a little bit of travelling in October and are in need of a little halloween spirit.

Pennhurst Asylum (Spring City, Pennsylvania)

Pennhurst was originally the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic. It was a an institution for mentally and physically disabled individuals of Southeastern Pennsylvania located in Spring City. It officially closed in December of 1987 after 79 years.

Now, the hospital complex is a haunted attraction with multiple buildings on the property. There are so many things to do. You can do just one of the attractions or all four. There is a morgue, the tunnels, the asylum and you can take a self guided tour of the Mayflower building. As of 2019, these are the attractions, I don’t know if they change it every year, but if you want to know more you can check out their website at:

The Dead End Hayride (Wyoming, Minnesota)

You take a walk thru the woods at night and witness everything that goes on in the woods. You will “witness unspeakable horror and terrifying scenes which will subject you to cryogenic blasts, explosions, and over the top pyrotechnics as you are mauled by horrific creatures and their converts whom have taken refuge in these woods.”

For more information, go to their website at:

Hundred Acres Manor (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

This one has quite a few attractions to check out. There are mazes, escape rooms and a wagon ride. Its going to be hard to to pick just one, but if you are into getting scared then by all means go for it. If being buried alive is something your into then feel free to face your fears and know what its like to be 6 feet under without actually being 6 feet under. You can always go to the beer lounge afterwards. I know your going to need something after that experience.

Check them out:

The Dent School House (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The story goes that the janitor killed kids over a 15-20 year period and hid them in the basement. They were only discovered when the smell started to appear. The attraction takes place in a school house that was built back in 1896. Its said that the children that were killed and the janitor haunted the building.

For more information:

Depending on where you are, I hope you get the chance to check these places out. I know I would be all over it if I lived within driving distance, but I know I’ll put them on my halloween bucket list. I hope you will find enough courage to face your fears and do something terrifying this halloween.

DISCLAIMER: I could have gotten into more detail, but since I’ve never been to any of the attractions. I can’t give a first hand account on what really goes on. I was relying in the websites and the information they provided. In that case, just so you know, I’m taking the descriptions of the attractions off the websites, I may change them a little bit, but I want to give the people who are in charge of the attractions the full credit and attention they deserve in coming with the synopsis of each of the haunted locations. I will link the websites so you can read up and learn more about them and give them the love and support by checking out their websites.

Horror Movies To Watch

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Every year around Halloween, scary movies start to come out in theatres or on TV. Some of them are laughable and not so scary, but every once in a while there is a movie that are worth watching over and over again. Usually its something from the 1970s when a movie with that type of story or plot was new and wasn’t never done before so of course everyone who watched it in theatres thought that it was the scariest thing ever made. They may look cheesy and outdated now, but in those days, it was the first time those things were being done in film. In 2019, things that once were scary and worth a nightmare as been overdone and boring. You can only do something for so long before people get tired of it. Remakes aren’t much better. You can’t re-do something and expect it to be good. It can’t be done and it should be stopped.

If you are stuck on what to watch on a friday night. Here is a list of horror movies I watch on a regular basis even when its not halloween. Be warned that these are old school.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

My brother introduced this movie to me when we were kids and its been a favourite of mine since then. If you want to be trapped in a mall with unsupervised access to every store then be my guest, but the only catch is that you have zombies wanting to join the party even if you tell them they’re not on the list.

Halloween (1978)

You think you have family issues, try having your brother hold a grudge since he was 6 years old and he spends the rest of his life coming after you. No matter where you go or how often you change your name, he will look for you, he will find you and he will kill you.

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Moving is stressful just by itself, but what if there is something else going on in the house and you leave after 28 days without having nobody believing you of what happened and you don’t have proof to back up the facts. It could have been something, but it could have been nothing. This is a “true” story that could go both ways. You can be a believer or you can just assume that they were just want to exaggerating what really was going on and just wanted the money and fame.

The Shining (1980)

Everyone has a different theory about the ending of the movie. I have my own theory about the entire movie and it could end up in a debate on what the movie really means, but if you are willing to spend the winter season in a massive hotel in the middle of nowhere in Colorado with your family suffering from cabin fever then by all means go for it.

Carrie (1976)

This is why you should be nice to people in high school. You don’t mess with the quiet shy girl with a super religious mother. The nicer you are, the better chance of you surviving prom.

There are people who are all over being scared then you have the people who get scared and jumpy at the word “boo”. Those people are the most fun to mess with. I don’t think they would last 2 seconds in a horror movie because they are just to scared to do anything and some how get themselves killed. In my case, I’ve shown enough horror movies to know what to do and what not to do. Even if I got hurt, at least I survived. Everyone deserves at least one good scare on halloween. May it be from a horror movie, a haunted house or your credit card bill.

Halloween Costume Ideas

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It always seems like every time you want to come up with a halloween costume, you always come up blank. You can only do as much research on pinterest, but you can never come up with the best costume. Even when I was trying to come up with ideas for this post, I had a hard time trying to come up with stuff. I didn’t want to be like every other blog and give you things that have already been done, but I have about 4 ideas that could be useful if you are going to a party with a group of friends or even use them as a couples costume.

Somebody’s Shadow

-Dress in all black and follow someone around like you are their shadow.


-Get 7 friends and 7 t-shirts that match the colours of the rainbow.


Black and White

-One person wears white pants with a black shirt and someone else wears the opposite with black pants and a white shirt. Don’t know how well this would do, but its an idea and you can play around with it and make it your own.

Flags Of The World

-If your having a party, your theme can be “Flags Of The World”. Everyone dresses up as the colours of the flag of their nationality and the other guests have to guess what country they are.


Its tough coming with something even when you have a lot of time to plan. The pressure is usually what causes you to freeze and wait till the last minute to put something together. You see something and you can get a completely different idea from it. People usually go for something that is trending or popular, but that can get old fast because thats what everyone else is doing. Its good to step outside the box and try to be different. You can use things that you have around the house or use next to nothing. You just have to think a little bit and try and be as creative as possible. I know that is wasn’t a big list, but its ideas that I came up with when I was looking at costumes on pinterest. Sometimes you just have look at something that already exists and make it your own.

Why I Want To Work In Film

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I don’t know how or why it started, but I always wanted to work in film and TV. At first, I wanted to be in front of the camera, but over the years, I wanted to be more behind the scenes either it being writing screenplays, being able to be creative in any way I can on a film set, anything that combines writing and film. I think it started when I watched ZOOM as a kid and they did a behind the scenes special where they talked about how they auditioned and how the show was being filmed. I knew that I wanted to be part of something like that, but unfortunately the show was filmed in Boston so I couldn’t audition. Since then, I’ve been on numerous film sets and I’ve always felt like I was home. I felt comfortable. I felt that being on a film set was where I belong. Every one was there for the same reason and I felt like I could make lifelong friends and make memories.

As I began to take my writing more seriously, I realized that I want to put both my passions together and write for film and TV. I want be able to do my best that I can in the environment that I always wanted to be in. I want to bring my stories to life. I want to be able to do what I love in a field that I love. I want to be able to show the world what I can do. I have so many ideas and I feel like making movies in any way I can would be my way of being who I am. I want to be able to work with the people I’ve always looked up to and be able to create something that we’re proud of. I want to be respected for the work that I do. I want be someone’s inspiration to follow their dreams and work hard. Film and TV is something I’ve dreamt about for so long. I want my writing to be able to be shared all over the world and using the medium like film would be the perfect way to spread joy and happiness to others. I want to use my words to change the world. I want to be heard and share with the world with what I have to say.

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The Chino Hills Massacre | HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD

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In June of 1983, 3 people and a neighbour were killed inside the home of Doug and Peggy Ryen. The couple, their daughter, Jessica and 11 year old, Christopher Hughes lost their lives, but 8 year old Josh Ryen survived. He indicted that there were 3 assailants.

Investigators focused on Kevin Cooper who was a serial burglar. 2 days before the murders, he had escaped from prison. Kevin had been hiding 125 yards from the Ryen home.

The weapons that were believed to have been used in the murders were never found, but a hatchet that was also used was found down the road from the home. It was reported missing from the home and was found in the area that Cooper was hiding. Deputies searched the hideout house a second time and found a hatchet sheath.

There was a blood-stained t-shirt and towel believed to have belonged to the Ryens was found down the road. Doug Ryen’s blood matched, but Kevin Cooper’s didn’t. When the family car was found 50 miles away, they found blood on three of the seats. The car was searched a second time and there was cigarettes butts found. The tobacco that was used was known to be issued to inmates.

A single drop of blood was found in the Ryen home, but it was to small to be used. It was said that it was one blood type, but then it was said to be another hinting that it matched to Kevin Cooper. A judge said that the criminalist “had alter his lab notes and claimed he had misinterpreted his results.”

When Josh Ryen was 10 years old, he said that he saw one shadow even when he originally reported seeing 3 attackers.


In 2018, Jerry Brown, a California Governor approved new DNA testing on the tan t-shirt, the hatchet, the sheath and the orange towel that matched the ones that Ryen’s owned.

Kevin Cooper’s trail lasted 4 months where he was found guilty of murdered and attempted murder. He was sent to San Quentin Prison to await his execution. In 2000, Erin Moriarty was reporting on the case for 48 Hours after she received a letter from Cooper stating that he was framed for murder.

When Josh Ryen was in his 20s, he said that he had few memories of that night. "I wish I could remember... it just won't come back to me though," he said.  


In 2001, Cooper had petitioned to have DNA tests done on key pieces. The tests that were done on the evidence found at the time including a drop of blood and the cigarettes butts were all linked to Kevin Cooper. He claims that he was innocent and that his DNA was planted. Norman Hile, his defense attorney believed his DNA was planted from the blood they got from his 1983 arrest.

In 2004, Kevin Cooper was schedule to die by lethal injection. There was a large crowd protesting outside the prison, but 3 hours and 42 minutes before he as supposed to be get injected, a federal appellate court stayed the execution, saving Cooper’s life.

The defense team of Kevin Cooper believe that a convicted killer named Lee Furrow killed the Ryen Family and Chris Hughes. They believe that new DNA tests will be a match. Furrow denies being involved and the prosecutor agrees. Even in 2019, DNA is still being tested. California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the DNA testing of hair, blood and fingernail scrapings from the victims and on a green button.

William Desmond Taylor | HOLLYWOOD UNSOLVED

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William Desmond Taylor was an anglo Irish American director and actor. He was a popular figure in the 1910s and the early 1920s. He was in 27 silent movies between the years old 1913 and 1915 and directed 59 silent movies between 1914 and 1922. He was murdered in 1912 and his death was often fabricated in the newspaper. The murder remains unsolved.

William Cunningham Deane-Tanner was the one of 5 children born to Major Dane Tanner and his wife Jane in Evington House, Country House, Ireland. In 1890, William left Ireland to go to Kansas to work on a dude ranch. He moved to New York after getting re-acquainted while in Kansas. While he was there, he met Ethel May Hamilton (Harrison) who was an actress. She appeared in the stage musical Florodora. The couple eventually got married on December 7, 1901 and had a daughter sometime in 1902 or 1903. William was a member of the yacht club and was very active socially. He was known to be a ladies man and had affairs with women. The couple were well known in New York and were part of several clubs. He was a heavy drinker and possibly depressed. On October 23, 1908 at the age of 36, he vanished. Leaving behind his wife and daughter. Friends have said he suffered “mental lapses” before and his family thought he wandered off during an “amnesia” episode. In 1912, his wife filed for divorce. There isn’t much known about after his disappearance. He travelled around the country and Canada doing various jobs like gold mining and working in a few acting troupes. He made the move from acting to producing.

He made the move to San Francisco in 1912 and changed his name to William Desmond Taylor. He met some New York acquaintances who provided him with some money to help him get settled in San Francisco.

In 1913, William worked as an actor that including working with Margaret “Gibby” Gibson in 4 appearances. In 1914, he directed his first film as an actor/director in “The Awakening”. In the years that followed, he directed more then 50 films. William was then engaged to Neva Gerber between 1914 and 1919 who he met during “The Awakening” Gerber recalled that William was “the soul of honour, a man of personal culture, education, and refinement. I have never known a finer or better man."


In 1915, he got in contacted with his sister in law, Ada Brennan Deane Taylor, the wife of his younger brother, Denis. He also disappeared in 1912, abandoning his wife and children. Ada moved to California so she could be treated for tuberculosis. She received a monthly check of $50 from William to help her support her children after her husband, his brother left them. This wasn’t made public until his death.


In 1918, towards the end of World War One, William enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces as a private. He was 46 years old. He trained for 4 and a half months in Fort Edward, Nova Scotia and then sailed with 500 Canadian soldiers from Halifax. On December 2, 1918, they arrived at the Hounslow Barracks in London.

In May of 1919 after arriving from his duties overseas, he was honoured by the Motion Picture Directors Association. He went on to direct Mary Pickford, Wallace Reid, Dustin Farnum and the protege, Mary Miles Minter who was the star in the 1919 version of Anne Of Green Gables. His ex-wife and daughter were aware that he was working in Hollywood and while watching Captain Alvarez in 1918, Ethel responded to her daughter “Thats your father” when William appeared on screen. While visiting his ex and his daughter in 1921, he made the girl his legal heir.

On the morning of February 2, 1922, William’s body was found in his bungalow in Westlake, Los Angeles. A doctor who happened to be in the crowd that was gathered at the scene examined William and declared that he had died from a stomach hemorrhage. He was never seen again due to maybe embarrassment as the cause of death appeared to be from a shot to the back from a small caliber pistol that wasn’t at the scene of the crime. The bungalows have since been demolished and now serves as a parking lot various stories.

The funeral took place on February 7, 1922 at St Paul’s Pro Cathedral. William was interred in a Hollywood cemetery on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Investigators found a wallet with $78 in cash which about $1,170 today, a silver cigarette case, a waltham pocket watch, a pen knife and a locket with a picture of actress Mabel Normand inside the pockets of the victim. A 2 carat diamond ring one his finger was also found. With the valuables that were on Taylor’s body, robbery seemed to not the motive for the murder. Cash that Taylor shown his accountant the day before was missing and never was accounted for. Taylor’s death was set for 7:50pm the day before on February 1, 1922.

Mary Miles Minter said after the murder that a friend, Marshall Neilan had told her that William recently became insane and that he said some delusional things about his acquaintances weeks before his death.

There were a lot of suspects that were named by both the public and the police. Newspapers would often fabricated the news at the time and the murder was used for a true crime fiction.

Edward Sands had a history of convictions. Embezzlement, forgery and serial desertion from the US military. He had multiple aliases and spoke with a affected cockney accent. He with the William Taylor for 7 months as his valet and cook. When he was in Europe, Sands forged his name on cheques and wrecked his car. He burgled the bungalow leaving evidence behind with his footprints on the director’s bed. He was never seen again


Henry Peavey replaced Sands as his valet and was the one who found the body. He was noted in the newspapers as someone who wore flashy golf costumes, but didn’t own any golf clubs. He was arrested for social vagrancy and charged with being lewd and dissolute 3 days before Taylor’s murder.


Mabel Norman worked along side Charlie Chaplin and Roscoe Arbuckle and on the night of the murder, she left his bungalow at 7:45pm in a happy mood with a book that he had lent her. She left in a limousine after blowing him some kisses. She was the last person to see William alive. After an interrogation, she was ruled out as a suspect. She later died from tuberculosis on February 23, 1930.

Faith Cole MacLean who lived next door believed she saw the killer. Both her and her husband heard a loud noise ay 8pm and when she went to her front door, she saw someone emerge from the front door of Taylor’s home. She recalls that the person paused for a moment before walking back into the house like they forgot something. They returned, gave her a smile then disappearing between the buildings. She heard a car back fire and told the police that the person looked funny as if they were wearing makeup. It could have been a woman disguised as a man.

Mary Miles Minter was only 3 years older then the daughter he had abandoned. Love letters from Mary were found in Taylor’s bungalow and there were reports that there was a sexual relationship between the two. He was 49, she was 19. Mary’s stated that her love for hime was unrequited. The love letters were printed in the newspaper and it ruined her reputation/image of being a modest and wholesome young girl. She worked with paramount for 4 more pictures, but her contract was never renewed. She died in Santa Monica on August 4, 1984.

Charlotte Shelby was Minter's mother. She was described as manipulative and consumed greed over her daughter's career. They were divided by financial disputes and lawsuits, but over time they reconciled.


Charlotte allegedly owned a rare .38-caliber pistol. The bullets were similar to the ones that had killed Taylor. She threw the gun into the Louisiana Bayou after the information became public. Her other daughter accused her of the murder. At that time, the daughter was then suffering from both clinical depression and alcoholism. It was speculated by Adela Rogers St Johns that Charolette was torn between her attraction to William and the protection of her daughter. In 1957, Shelby died.

Margaret Gibson was indicted, tried and acquitted on the charges of equivalent to prostitution. She later changed her name to Patricia Palmer. She was arrested on 1923 on extortion charges which were dropped. She was in L.A and 27 years old at the time. Her name was ever mentioned in the connection to the investigation. She died in 1964, but shortly before she died, she reportedly confessed to murdering Taylor.


Over the years, physical evidence was lost and the rest vanished due to the lack of crime scene management.

Dear Brandon

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Dear Brandon

Today is your birthday. You would have turned the big 3-0. I know that your thirties would have been the filled with love, laughter and adventure. We only knew each other for 4 years, but within those 4 years, you left a place in my heart. I saw potential in you and knew that you would have had the world in the palm of your hand. I know that we didn’t know each other that well, but we bonded over our love for theatre and we created memories in the plays we were part of. Performing on stage with you was an honour and a privilege I will never forget.

I wish we had more time in getting to know each other, but in the years I did know you, you left a mark on me and the people around you. There would have been so many things you could have done in this world. You would have created so many things and with who you were as a person changed it in a way nobody would have thought possible.

Thank you for the memories I hold dear to my heart. I know there’s a piece missing since you’ve been gone. You are forever young. Never take life for granted. Live life to the fullest and cherish everything and any thing. I wish I had more time to know you better, but I know your always with me. I miss you and think of you often.

Happy Birthday, my friend.



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On February 25, 1957, a unidentified 4-5 year old boy was found naked and battered in a bassinet box in the Fox Chase section in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is known as “America’s Unknown Child.” His body was wrapped in a plaid blanket with his hair recently cropped. It may have been cut after death due to stands of hair still being on the body. There was signs of malnourishment. Surgical scars were on an ankle and groin with a L shaped scar under his chin.

The first person that found him failed to report him to the police due to being afraid of getting his musket traps confiscated. The 2nd man that found him reported him the next day. The police were optimistic in finding out who the boy was. They took fingerprints, but nobody came forward with useful information.

The Philadelphia Inquirer printed 400,000 flyers and placed them all over the city and the crime scene was searched numerous times by 270 police academy recruits. A man’s blue corduroy cap, a boy’s scarf and a man’s white handkerchief with the letter “G” in the corner were found, but the clues led nowhere.


There was a theory that the boy was in foster care as there was a foster home 1.5 miles from where the boy was found. A employee of the medical examiner, Remington Bristow contacted a psychic from New Jersey who led him to the foster home from where the body was discovered.

When Bristow attended an estate sale at the foster home, he saw a basinet similar to the one sold at a JC Penney’s. The blanket that the boy was wrapped in was similar to the ones that were hanging on a clothes line. Bristow believed that the boy belonged to the stepdaughter of the owner of the foster home and because she was an unwed mother, they disposed of the body. He thought that the boy’s death was an accident. Unfortunately, there was no link between the boy and the foster home.


In 2002, a woman named “Martha” came forward, but due to mental illness, Martha’s story was plausible. She had claimed that the boy was purchased by her abusive mother from his birth parents in the summer of 1954. He was the subject to extreme physical and sexual abuse for 2 and half years. He was severely beaten and his head was slammed against the floor until he was semi-conscious because he had vomited up his dinner. He died while he was given a bath. The details of the baked beans he had for dinner and the wrinkled fingers were only known to police has the boy’s stomach contained the food she mentioned and his fingers showed signs of being in the water.


The haircut was given by Martha’s mother to hide the boy’s identity and she assisted in dumping the boy in the area he was found. In the process of removing the boy from the truck, a motorist pulled over and asked if they needed help. Martha’s mother had ordered her to stand in front of the license plate to hide it from view. The mother told the man that everything was fine and the man took off.

Despite the confession, the police were unable to verify her story. The people who had access to Martha’s house during the time that the boy was in her said that there was never a boy living in the house and that Martha’s claims were "ridiculous."

The unknown child was originally buried in a potter’s field, but was re-buried in 1998 at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia after being exhumed for DNA testing. His coffin, headstone and funeral service was donated by the son of the man who originally buried him in 1957. His tombstone is craved with “America’s Unknown Child” and is always decorated with flowers and stuffed animals by the residents.

What Happened To Cindy James?

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Cindy James was a 44 year old nurse in Richmond, BC. She was once married to Roy Makepeace. Unfortunately in July 1982, they separated. 4 months later in October, she began receiving mysterious and sometimes threatened phone calls. In the years that followed, Cindy reported nearly 100 incidents and 5 of those were violent physical attacks while the remaining reports were whispering to silent calls.

Her friend, Agnes had said that Cindy had received bizarre notes on her doorstep and she feared that someone was trying to scare her to death. She became reluctant and frightened to give details and the police began to doubt her stories. After the police got involved, things got worse. Things kept happening and nobody seemed to believe her. At night, she would hear prowlers at night, her porch lights were smashed and her phone lines were severed.

One night in 1983, Agnes dropped by for a visit. When there was no answer, she assumed that Cindy was having her nightly bath, but when Agnes went to investigate, she saw her friend outside crouched down with a nylon stocking tied tightly around her neck. She went to the garage to get a box when someone came up from behind her. All she saw was white sneakers.

She then moved into a different house, painted her car and changed her name. Due to the lack of help from the RCMP, she had no choice, but to hire a private investigator, Ozzie Kaban. The police continued their investigation and questioned Cindy several times. She would withhold information and wouldn’t act like an actual victim would. Her mother said that she didn’t say much because her attacker had threatened her family and by naming him, they would be killed.

On January 30, 1984, Ozzie Kaban heard strange noises over the 2 way radio he had giving her. When he got to her house, it was locked. When he looked through the window, he found her lying on the floor with a paring knife in her hand. She was taken to the hospital where she recalled being attacked and a needle going into her arm. She was treated with cuts on her face and head. There was no forced entry upon investigation. The only person that was in the home at the time was Cindy.

Police were never able to trace the calls because they were too short. There was never anything going on when there was 24 hour surveillance for days on end with up to 14 police officers, but once they left, the incidents started up again. Her parents believe her attacker was staying away to make the police suspicious of her. Cindy never gave an description of the suspect, but she claimed that there may have been multiple stalkers as she witnessed more then 2 during the knife attack. Cindy’s mental health was now being questioned.

On December 11, 1985. Cindy was found in a ditch dazed and semi-conscious 6 miles from her house. She was wearing a man’s work boot and glove and was suffering from hyperthermia. Cuts and bruises covered her body. A black nylon stocking had been tied tightly around her neck. She had no memory of what happened.

Agnes and her husband, Tom stayed with Cindy and they heard some noises. When they went to go check out the basement, they saw that it was in flames.With the phone lines being cut, Tom went to go alert the neighbours. He saw a man standing on the curb, he asked the man to call the fire department, instead the man simply ran off. The police suspected that Cindy had staged the incident due to the fact that the fire was started from inside and the perpetrator would have had to climb through a specific window. There was also no fingerprints or dust disturbed on the windowsill. It was also considered odd that Cindy still walked her dog during the attacks.

Her doctor believed she was suicidal and spend her to a local psychiatric ward. She told psychiatrists that she felt like nobody believed her and that she was depressed and angry. When she was being pressed by doctors, she indicted that the person stalking her was her ex-husband, Roy Makepeace.

Cindy was released after a few weeks, but the stalking started to happened again. The police were once again contacted, but this time detective, Pat McBride took an interest in the case. He moved in with Cindy to protect her and to really see what’s going on. It was also suspected that they were involved. Cindy received no phone calls when McBride was living in the house. Whenever the the police weren’t on surveillance duties, the notes and strange incidents continued to happened. It was when law enforcement that there was no activity. Detectives started to believe that McBride was indeed the stalker and possibly the murderer because nothing seemed to happen when he was around. There wasn’t any good suspects to call out during the time because there wasn’t any evidence that there was anyone to blame.

Eventually, Pat McBride left Cindy and moved out. She then was going to confront the stalker and take care of the situation herself. She began stalking her ex-husband. Even when there was nothing to confirm that he was involved.


In 1989, 2 weeks after disappearing Cindy’s body was found at an abandoned house. With how she was found, it looked like she was brutally murdered. Her hands and feet were bounded together behind her back and a black nylon stocking was tied tightly around her neck. Yet, her autopsy revealed that she died from an overdose of morphine and other drugs. Police concluded she had committed suicide. The corner ruled her death not as a suicide, an accident or murder, but simply as an “unknown event.” On the day she disappeared, her car was found with blood on the driver side door and items from her wallet were under it. There was groceries and a wrapped gift sitting inside the car.

With the amount of drugs that Cindy had in her system. There was no way for her to be able to tie herself up from behind. There was no evidence that she had injected herself with the drugs. No needle on or near Cindy indicting that she injected herself at the scene where she was found. She was one and a half miles from her car. She was barefoot. Nobody came forward stating that they saw her walking, injecting herself or tying herself up. Morphine pills could have been used instead of a needle. A drug similar to Valium, “Flurazepam” was prescribed to Cindy and it was used to help with her insomnia. Mixed with the amount of morphine would have been enough to kill her, but with the amount of time it would have of taken the mixture to work, she would have been able to tie herself up, but how was she able to do it behind her back? It took an expect less then 3 minutes to complete the exact knots that Cindy was found tied up with.

There have been a few suspects that included; Detective Pat McBride, the man from the curb who ran off and her ex-husband. Cindy’s parents believed that she was murdered and that someone in Vancouver is getting away with murder.

Katherine Korzilius | AMERICA UNSOLVED

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Katherine Korzilius was 6 years old when she was found lying in the middle of the road on August 7, 1996 in Austin, Texas. Katherine was the daughter of Jon Bon Jovi’s tour manager, Paul Korzilius. She was running some errands with her mother, Nancy and her brother, Chris. When they approached their neighbourhood of Elder Circle, Nancy allowed Katherine to get the mail from the community mailbox. She was going to walk the short route home while Nancy and Chris drove the long way.

When Katherine didn’t return home. Chris went out to look for her and went he couldn’t find her. Nancy took the car and began to search for her daughter. Within minutes, Nancy and Chris found the girl lying on the road. She was unconscious, but breathing. Nancy rushed her to the hospital were she never regained consciousness and passed away later that day.

It was under the impression that the 6 year old was a victim of a hit and run accident, but her family didn't understand why she was found in that part of the neighbourhood when she was last seen walking towards the house. She was found on the route that Nancy and Chris would have driven, half a mile from the mailbox. This was the opposite direction that Katherine would have gone home. Her family believes that she was a victim of an abduction and then was murdered.

Not only did Katherine have a head injury, but she had abrasions on her left shoulder, the small of her back, her right hip and her knees. It looked like she either jumped, fallen and was thrown from a moving vehicle. One theory was that she was holding onto the back of Nancy’s vehicle, but lost her grip, but she was wearing a splint due to a broken thumb. It would have been difficult for her to hold on to things. Nancy would have been able to see her in the rearview mirror.

There was a vacant lot that had a clue. It was about 30 yards from the mailbox. The K-9 unit followed her scent to the lot, but lost it. She may have been walking in that direction when she was abducted. When her body was found, it had appeared that Katherine was “laid out” for Nancy to find. The way she was placed on the road didn't seem natural. Her clothes were straighten out, her hair was smoothed out, her toes were pointed straight and her sandals were kept on.

Nancy was considered to be a suspect due to the theory of the girl holding onto the back of the vehicle, but there wasn’t evidence to prove that Katherine actually did that.

A year later, a tree was planted and a plague was placed in her name in the area she was found. The family hopes that new information will come to light. There still hasn’t been any suspects in the case.

Jon Bon Jovi’s song August 7 4:15 is about the girl.

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For years I always debated about going to Walt Disney World for various reasons. The flight to get there from where I am is 6+ hours direct or I can take numerous flights making the travelling day over 14 hours. Who really has time for that. Then there’s the thing about wanting to mess the original. I like to call Walt Disney World the sequel. Everyone knows that sequels are crap. Nothing compares to the original. Its how Disney started, but I wanted to at least check out Disney World at least once and if I don’t want to go back then I don’t have to. I got back from Disney World, the day before I’m writing this so my opinions about the parks are still fresh in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, you may love both Disney World and Disneyland, you may like one more then other. Its fine, but this is what I think. Don’t like my opinions and thoughts discourage you from planning a trip to Walt Disney World.


-Parks Are To Far From One Another.

If you wanted to hop between the 4 parks, you have to take numerous forms of transportation just to go to another park. If the monorail or the ferry doesn’t go to a park you want to go to then you have to bus it to a resort then bus it from there to the park you want and depending on the time of day. It could take a while. The bus system is great, but it just takes some time to go between parks.

-2+ Hour Wait Times

Even with a fastpass, there still could be a wait to get on. Again, it depends on when you go and what time of day, but I think its like that no matter what time you go. When the ride breaks due to a failure or if there’s rain, getting back onto to it later in the day is a challenge because everyone that had a fastpass for that ride is going to go back and ride it or use it for a different ride so the lines are going to be twice as long.

-Everything Is Close Together

The parks especially the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios look a lot smaller because the rides and shops are close together. Sometimes you would walk past a ride because it was tucked away or it blends in with the surrounding rides and buildings.


Its great that you can use your magic band for everything, but with fastpasses, you feel pressured into using the system. You can only use 3 at a time on the same day and if you have a few hours between rides, you have to risk waiting on for a ride that as a long wait and hope that it doesn’t overlap into your fastpass time. Then there’s the fast passes that get sell out fast and you mess out getting onto your favourite ride.

-Weather Is Different

Florida as a different type of weather. Its hot, moist and there’s rain. You would think it would be cooler at night, but its more hot when the sun goes down. Walking to the lobby of your hotel is exhausting because its a different type of warm/heat. You can’t change the weather on command, but bring lots of sunscreen.

-Hotels Are Not Walkable To And From The Park

Hotels are so far from civilization that if you wanted to leave the park early to relax, you would have to wait for a bus or take an uber. There’s nothing to walk to grab food. Your pretty much stuck at eating all your meals at your hotel because its a trek trying to find a restaurant.


-Parks Are Easier To Get To

They are within feet from each other. You can visit both of them countless times in the same day. You don’t have to worry about getting on a bus to travel for 20 minutes to get to the next park.

-You Have A Better Chance Of Getting Fastpasses

There isn’t a rush in booking fastpasses. If something happened and you had to leave the line, you can always get a fast pass to ride later on in the day, but it feels like Walt Disney World makes you get them and you have to use them.

-Hotels Are Closer

If you wanted to check out a different resort, you can just walk a block or two to get there or you can cut thru Downtown Disney.


-More Things To Do Outside Of The Park

Like I’ve said, everything is within walking distance so you can always walk to the corner store and grab a snack or you can just take a scroll and check out the other hotels that line the street across the street from the park entrance.

-Less Busy/More Quieter

It seems like the lines are shorter and there are less crowds. I don’t remember a time where I waited for more then an hour for ride and there are less people stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and cutting you off.

-Closer To Home

Disneyland is only a 2 and a half hour flight from home then Walt Disney World. I before to stay close to home then having to travel across the continent just to get my Disney fix.

I checked out Walt Disney World. I saw everything I wanted to see and I don’t think I’ll go there again. Its not as impressive as people make it seem. There’s so much hype about it, but its just not that great. Disneyland as so much more and its closer to home. In a way it was a disappointment and a let down.

The Poltergeist Curse | HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD

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The Poltergeist is a classic 1980’s film. Directed by Tobe Hopper and written by Stephen Spielberg. The movie is based around a family who is being haunted by evil spirits. Over the years there’s been numerous films in the trilogy and it seems like there was a death after filming was done or just after the film had been released. Its been known as the Poltergeist curse, but is it really a curse or a coincidence.


Dominique Dunne was 22 years old when she was killed by her ex-boyfriend. She had broken up with John Thomas Sweeney because he was abusive. When he went to her house to convince her to get back together, she refused. The more intense the argument got, the angrier John became. He then choked Dominique until she passed out. She fell into a coma and passed away a few days later. John was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 6 years in prison, but only served 3 and a half. He has since changed his name to John Patrick Maura. The bruises that Dominique had during her appearance on Hill Street Blues were real. The day before filming, she got beaten up by her boyfriend. Because she was playing a abused teen in the episode, she didn’t need any makeup. The bruises were in fact real.

Heather O’Rourke was misdiagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, but in reality she had a bowel obstruction. She was given steroids and it was obvious she was on medication due to her appearance in the third Poltergeist. One of the side effects was chipmunk cheeks. It could have been treated if it was detected early. Her symptoms were the same as the flu, but nothing was done until it was to late. On February 1, 1988. Heather was rushed to the hospital, but suffered cardiac arrest. She was revived, but her body was wasn’t able to recover and she passed away from septic shock caused by the bowel obstruction. Heather was only 12 years old.

Two actors from the second Poltergeist film passed away due to illness. Julian Beck died from stomach cancer. He battled the disease for 18 months. Will Sampson had a lung-heart transplant 6 weeks before he passed away from a severe case of pre-operative malnutrition and post-operative fungal infection. He knew he had a small chance in surviving due to being weak before the surgery.

Lou Perryman from the original Poltergeist was killed with an ax when someone broke into his house with the intention to steal his car. Seth Christopher Tatum was an ex-con with mental illness, he confessed and now is serving a life sentence.

Oliver Robbins who played the brother in the film was attacked on set. When he was filming the scene with a mechanical clown, it malfunctioned and began to choke him. It wasn’t until he started to turn blue that the crew had to intervene.

I don’t know if it had to do anything with the movie, but it does look suspicious that so many people in the cast had some sort of mishap or illness. Maybe because of what genre the movie was, people began to talk and started to come up with reasons why this all happened. It does make a interesting conversation. People have different theories and opinions of what happened, but we can all come up with the theory that things happen. This movie just had a string of bad luck. I don’t think it would be considered a curse.

Barbara and Patricia Grimes | AMERICA UNSOLVED

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On December 28th 1956, 15 year old Barbara Grimes and her 12 year old sister, Patricia made their way to the local movie theatre to watch Elvis’ film, “Love Me Tender”. They were both huge Elvis fans and seen the film numerous times. They are 2 of 7 children of Joseph and Loretta Grimes. Little did they know that they were about to be as known one of the biggest missing persons investigations in Chicago history.


They left the house around 7:30pm and were going to be home around midnight. A classmate mentioned that she and her sister sat behind the girls in the theatre. Around 9:30pm as the classmate was leaving during the intermission, they saw the sisters in line for popcorn. They seemed to be in good spirits.

When they didn’t arrive home after the second showing. Loretta Grimes sent her 17 year old daughter, Theresa and 14 year old son, Joey to wait for them at the bus stop which was located close to their house. After several buses drove past without either girl getting off. Theresa and Joey went home without them. When Loretta noticed that the sisters weren’t with them, she called around to friends to see if they were there. At about 2:15am, she filed at missing person report.

At that time, police assumed that they were run aways and if they haven’t heard from them in a week then they would take the report more seriously. In the meantime, hundreds gathered to help in the search for the girls. It was one of the most intensive missing persons investigations in Cook County. It remains one of Chicago’s most infamous cold cases. 15.000 flyers were handed out, the church had offered a $1000 reward and more then 30,000 people were interrogated.


On January 22, 1957, Leonard Prescott saw what he thought was mannequins on the side of the road. When he took his wife to where he saw them, she fainted upon seeing them. When they discovered that the mannequins were two frozen nude bodies of the Grimes girls. Leonard and his wife called the Willow Springs police department. 

The autopsy didn’t fit murder. Due to the snow, the bodies were preserved. There was no signs of blunt force trauma, no stab wounds, no bullet wounds, no signs of strangulation. Exposure to the elements was cause of death. There was also no signs of drugs or alcohol in their systems. They wouldn’t able to pass out in the snow from being drunk and freeze to death. The killer must have been smart enough to make the cause of death undetectable

The case was highly publicized. It was in every newspaper and the media portrayed the girls as delinquents. There was different theories on what happened to the girls before they were found. One theory was that they went to Nashville to see Elvis in concert or that they left home on their own accord.

Numerous people have said they saw the girls alive between the time they disappeared and when they were found, but the autopsy stated that they were murdered within hours of their disappearance. Several teenagers informed investigators that they saw the sisters conversing with a young man who had the physical appearance similar to Elvis. They got into his car which was described as being a mercury model.

Loretta Grimes received multiple phone calls and letters claiming that people had information about the girls and their whereabouts or even about the murders. She received letters claiming to be the girls themselves. A man called her claiming that he was the one that killed her daughters. He knew details that nobody else knew about the crime. He then later called her again and bragged about killing 15 year old Bonnie Leigh Scott.


There was 21 year old man who bare a strong resemblance to Elvis named Edward “Bennie” Bedwell who was arrested and interrogated for 3 days because the owners of the restaurant he worked at had seen him with 2 girls who looked like the Grimes sisters. He insisted that they were mistaken about the ID of the girls. On Jan 27, 1957, he signed a 14 page confession stating that he and a friend were with the girls on the day they disappeared until Jan 7, 1957. They were drinking in various saloons on skid row and they had some food. He then “stated” that he beat them and thrown their bodies into a snow filled ditch after they refused his sexual advances, but the autopsy reports said that the girls had no alcohol or food in their system and there was no signs of a beating. Due to being semi literate, there was no way he could of understood what he was signing.

On Feb 6, 1957, Bedwell was freed on a $20,000 bond. The same year he was acquitted, he would be tried and acquitted of the 1956 rape of a 13 year old in Florida. He died in November of 1972.


Loretta Grimes never gave up. She never stopped looking for who did such a thing to her daughters. We may never know who did it, but its a good thing to start bringing light back into the case and bring peace to the family and to the girls who left us to soon.

Why I Started A Blog?

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When I look back at why I began my blog, the mean reason was because I wanted to be able to meet the people I’ve respected and admired for as long as I could remember. I wanted this blog to be able to get to them. I want them to know what they mean to me, but over the last couple of years, I started to think if it wasn’t for my dream team being the reason why I started to write then would be my reason, why did I begin in the first place. Every blog as a purpose. Every blog as a meaning. Every blog as a goal. In my case, I wanted to be able to write and use my blog to inspire others. My dream team would be my motivation to write. I want to be able to tell my story and be able to get it to where I want it to go. Which is in the hands the people I respect and admire.

Having a blog has helped me in numerous ways. Not only has it helped me stay motivated to write due to wanting to meet my dream team, but has helped me express myself and talk about what’s going on. Writing helps me get things off my chest. I have a hard time expressing myself verbally and with using written word can help me find the right way to tell people how I really feel. My blog as also helped me become a better writer. I can look back on my older posts and see how much I’ve improved. My posts are getting more detailed and more in-depth as to my posts from 10 years ago, but I also feel discouraged when it comes to actually posting. I never really know who’s reading and if what I’m writing about is really leaving an impact on someone. The more I write, the more confident I become. I want to be able to write for the rest of my life and if this is how I start then I will spend all my time making sure that dream comes true. I want to create opportunities and make a difference. I want to use my words and my stories to help others. I want experiences to last a lifetime and I want to look back with the knowledge that I did what I always wanted to do and it all happened because of my blog.

At the end of the day, I do hope my blog is interesting enough for people to read on a regular basis. I know what I write about is all over the map, but I want to be able to reach everyone of all ages. I want to be able to shine a light on stories and get people talking. My blog gives me something to look forward too. I always think to myself that one day I’m going to write a post that will change everything, the one post that will grab everyone’s attention.


Every day is something different and I hope that the more I challenge myself in writing about the unknown, the closer I get to becoming the writer I always wanted to be. I just have to keep going at it and hope that my hard work pays off. I hope that people will be inspired to go after what they want. Go after your dreams. You don’t know unless you try.