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Favourite DISNEYLAND Rides

Posted on April 6, 2019 at 12:25 AM

When you go to Disneyland, there are always rides that you have to go on. It doesn’t matter how long the lines are, you want to ride it as many times as you can before the day ends. Its the excitement of knowing that the drop down a massive hill is going to be a thrill no matter how many times you’ve rode it or you know its just around the corner. Here are a list of my favourite Disneyland rides that are a must ride when you are in the wonderful world of Disney.

The Haunted Mansion: I love anything that is haunted, houses, hotels, anything that as a dark history. This ride is perfect for not only a story, but for the darkness of it, meaning that its a ride in the dark, but its not dark enough for kids to not be afraid of it. The characters in the ride and just the overall story of the ride is good one to check out. If you go during the holidays, it changes over to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which honestly, I’m not a fan of. I prefer the Haunted Mansion and the hitchhiking ghosts.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: If you are a fan of pirates or just Johnny Depp then this ride is a must. Its a casual water ride where you get to witness a gun battle between two ships, take a stroll thru town and watching a pirate skeleton man the helm of a ship thru a thunderstorm, which is probably my favourite part of the ride. Its a ride you can sit back and enjoy. Its indoors and it gives you some time to get off your feet and out of the sun and relax.


Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Eye: Its probably one of the longest lines in the park even if you get single rider, there still might be a wait, but its worth it. If you like the Indiana Jones series then this is a ride for you. The classic ball rushes towards and you get out of the way just in time, but have no fear, Harrison Ford is there to protect you. That’s his job. The queue for the line is cool as its mostly underground and its gives you the feeling that your in a cave or a tomb. Some areas feel cooler then the other parts. I don’t know if its just a coincidence or if it was built that way, but it feels nice to go thru a cold spot.


Hollywood Tower Hotel: This ride was switched over to The Guardians Of The Galaxy, which I think is a huge disappointment seeing that I have no idea what the movie franchise is about, but I wish they kept the original ride. I love haunted hotels and this ride was perfect. It had everything, a story that was easy to follow and made you feel like you were in that time period and butterflies in your stomach when you get to the top and it drops when you least expect, but if you’ve been on it numerous times, you know what’s going to happen, but it still gave you that feeling of excitement. I wish it was still around.


Splash Mountain: A classic ride that comes with a song you can sing along to without having it drive you crazy like Its A Small Ride. Its both a indoor and outdoor and its nice for a cool down if you have the patience to wait in line for more then a hour. You just have to remember to take a look around and take in the scenery before you take that plunge down the massive hill and get soaked.


Space Mountain: If you are afraid of the dark and/or roller coasters then this ride isn’t for you. Its a combination of speed, tight turns and darkness. You don’t know if your going left, right or straight until the last second and if your lucky, you’re take a good picture.

Toy Story Mania: If you love playing shooting games and hitting targets then is a good ride. The line is long, but the combination of 3D, toy story and target shooting makes up for it. You race the person next you know in getting the highest score, but you can always go back and get better.

California Screaming: This was changed over to the Incredicoaster. Its the same ride, but its just a different design. Its right in the centre and you can watch people take off and go thru the loop and hear them scream at the top of their lungs. The picture may not be perfect, due to the faces you’ll make racing around the corner, but its always makes for a good laugh.

Radiator Springs Racers: I wasn’t sure if I was going to like CarsLand, but its a well done and there are so many things to see especially at night. Radiator Springs Racers with worth the wait, but if you want to you can do single riders which goes by a lot faster. Go on it at least once. You get to race against the people in the car next to you. It doesn’t matter what car you get into, you don’t know your doing to win, you may lose a few times in the same car before you win.

If you are planning on going to Disneyland, have fun, put on lots of sunscreen, drink lots of water and travel safe.

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