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What I Don't Like About FRIENDS

Posted on June 6, 2019 at 3:50 AM

Every TV show as flaws. There are things that happen or written that don’t appeal to everyone. Some people may agree and others are going to agree to disagree. TV shows try and write about things that are true to real life, but a lot of the time, things that are being shown aren’t actually real life. Its Hollywood. They can create a life on screen that we all wish could be true.

When it comes to FRIENDS. There are things that are just plan stupid, annoying or just plain ridiculous. For all you hardcore FRIENDS fans, I hope I don’t burst your bubble when it comes to talking about what I don’t like about the show. They just didn’t think things through and it showed in numerous episodes.

Ross Was A Jerk.

He never left Rachel alone. Every time she was about to be happy or have something important going on in her life, Ross was there to ruin it. Take all the relationships and friendships she tried to have. Ross was somehow showing up to show his love for her even when she didn't need it. He was jealous and wanted Rachel all for himself. He came off as a jerk and self centered, especially when it came to Mark. Of course, he probably had other intentions with her, but Ross could have just stepped back and let Rachel be herself and let her deal with him on her own.


The Whole “We Were On A Break” Thing.

Ross was just using that as an excuse for his actions. He wanted to use that as a way to get out of the things he did, like when he slept with the copy girl. If he really loved Rachel has much as he said he did then he could have given her space and talk to her like an adult instead of being a man child and sleep with the first person he saw.


Ross Not Liking Susan.

Ross comes off a dick for not accepting Susan. They didn’t have to be friends, but at least they could have been nice to each other when they were in the same room. It wasn’t like they were ever getting back together. He was going after Rachel during the run of the show anyway.

Ross Not Being Close To Ben, but Being Close To Emma.

Ben was in the first couple of seasons and it seemed like Ross was involved, but after a while Ben disappeared then he was mentioned though out the rest of the series. We see him a couple times in the later on, but it makes it look like Susan and Carol didn’t want him to be involved in Ben’s life. One the other hand. When Emma was born. He was all over having a child and wanted to be part of her life, which makes Ross look like a bad parent to Ben. Ben wasn’t even there to celebrate Emma’s first birthday and as for as we know, they weren’t introduced to each other. Ben out, Emma in.


The Storyline Kept Changing.

Its been said on numerous situations that Ross and Chandler met in college and Rachel had met him when her and Monica were in high school, but the episode with the prom video, Chandler was surprised and joked about how big Monica was. A fact he should have known since he’s known Monica since college. They acted like the Gellers, Rachel and Chandler were not always friends from back in the day. Which makes me bring up this next point. If Chandler went to college, he would have a college degree which I don’t think we ever learnt what it was. That means that he could have used it in his work life instead of whether job he had and hated before quitting and going into advertisement. College worked for Ross, but Chandler had a hard time finding his niche in the work force even with said college degree.

Rachel and Joey As A Couple.

It was doomed from the start, it was awkward to say the least. It was something that shouldn’t have happened. Joey likes Rachel then Rachel likes Joey. It was a storyline that was just not necessary and unwanted. They had no chemistry and they were worried about what Ross was going to react that it made it last longer then it should have been. It shouldn’t have existed at all. The cast apparently didn’t want the storyline to happen. They had to work with it and it showed. It just not a good storyline and Rachel and Joey are better off as friends then an actual couple.


Monica Really Wanting A Baby.

Its every girl’s dream to have a family, but I think with Monica being who she was, I think this was one thing she wasn’t able to control. I know they probably wanted to show all aspects of having a baby. (Phoebe having the triplets, Rachel being a single working mother) but I don’t think it would have been that easy to adopt. It seems like it was solved in a just a few episodes. I feel like Monica could been more accepting when it came to the fact that she wasn’t able to have kids.


There was some good and bad writing on the show. Lots of things that could have been fixed if they took the 2 seconds to review what had already been written. Aren’t there people in the industry that get paid it make sure the show doesn’t have any plot holes in it so things like this don’t happen. It makes the show look sloppy and unprofessional.

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